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How it works

In most conversations, "active listening" is what you might experience. One person patiently listens to what another has to say.

Active listening is awesome, but it runs into problems. It's hard to do. Pretty often, difficult conversations turn into arguments.

Reflective listening adds a simple step: use your own words to describe what the other person communicated. This basic strategy is proven to activate cognitive and emotional empathy for both the speaker, and the listener.

Potluck Action makes it easier to learn and practice this strategy on video conference.

Core Features

  • Exercise your empathy in Meetings using techniques inspired by the Empathy Circle strategy.
  • Schedule Meetings and assign a Host and CoHosts to each Meeting.
  • Invite people to connect with your Campaign. Joining a Campaign will always be free.
  • Publish Campaign Editions to maintain a home page about your work. Anyone connected with your Campaign can read the current and past Editions, enabling basic project management and coordination with organized bulletins.
  • Appoint Campaign Managers and Meeting Managers for those with ongoing responsibilities.

Advanced Project and Learning Management (Coming Soon)

Publish ToDos, Missions (lists of Todos,) ToKnows, and Degrees (lists of ToKnows.) These Activities may be saved as templates, making them reusable within your Campaign.

Potluck Action

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